single bona - Singlesnet and the agravation!

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I posted a profile with singlesnet some time ago, like months ago. And then today they send me a note saying my profile information had been deleted for disposing personal information such as my address, phone number, etc.

Funny thing, I have used the same profile info the whole time I have been on thier site. So I wrote them a letter.

Now they say "I" am the one who deleted it!!! BS!!!

I wrote back after thier second letter to me, and trying once again to see if it will be posted back just like it was. The only thing I added this time is the fact that I will be off line for about a week do to moving, and a new Internet provider.

They also I see have deleted most of my mail that I have recieved in less than a week, and also deleted my saved contacts, etc......

And the continued emails and advertisements I get from them are about 30 a day now.....

Then to top it off, since I sent them two letters complaining, my email box is filled with men who "supposedly" looked at my profiles. Some are members, so I asked them if they had looked or sent me a wink as such....

EVERY single on of them had so no, that they recieved one from me first!!!!

Hows that for a F * * * * D UP dating site?

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